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Solar. Even for Renters

Solar should be for everyone. Even if you are renting.

You reduce your carbon footprint on an individual panel basis while earning CarbonMinus   Reward Points for every unit of electricity you offset through solar on our platform. Those points, you can redeem them at the cool local businesses we partner with.


How it Works

Step 1

Sign up on our platform and sync your utility account

Step 2

Choose how many solar panels you want and leave it up to us to harvest the solar energy

Each solar panel = $10/month

Step 3

Pay a single bill for your utilities and solar. All in one place while earning CarbonMinus   Rewards


CarbonMinus Rewards Program

For each unit(1 kWh) of electricity your solar panels generate, you earn 1 CarbonMinus   Rewards Point.

Accumulate points and you can redeem them at your favorite local business within our partner network. For example, 500 CarbonMinus   Points could mean a free coffee at your favorite shop. A win for you, the local businesses and the planet.

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