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Solar That Makes Sense for Your Property

Now you can utilize your empty roof to create an additional source of Net Operating Income by installing solar.

It's a win for the environment, and you.


How it Works

Step 1

Sign up, provide roof plans.

We take care of everything including a new solar panel system installation

Step 2

Once the system goes live, start saving money from the electricity generated by solar and earn from subscriber fees

Step 3

We take care of the rest including subscriber management, system maintenance, and management


A Win-Win for Everyone

  • We are creating a new Net Operating Income (NOI) for the building while utilizing unused spaces, making solar a win for the environment and the building owner.

  • Our subscribers get the environmental benefits of solar panels without them going through the hassle of owning panels. They benefit through a lower carbon footprint for themselves and earn CarbonMinus  Reward Points that they can redeem towards a purchase through partner network.  

  • A microWatt Green Building plaque on your front door indicates that you are a part of the select group of environmental leaders.

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